Tucson, Arizona 
The ride schedule contains all future rides. You may wish to check the schedule often as it is subject to new additions on a daily basis. Also, if weather is not good, then a ride may be cancelled shortly before the ride, so check the schedule before you leave for the ride.  If you have any questions, please contact the ride leader. Nonmembers are always welcome! 

NOTE: All club rides require riders carry ID, wear a helmet, carry spare tubes, and bring adequate drinking water. Riding with earbuds is not permitted. See Ride Rules and Policies under Practices and Policies.

Ride Ratings = Pace:Hilliness:Mileage

Hilliness or terrain is described by an acronym:

FF-Fairly Flat,   LH=Little Hills,  SH=Short Hills,  MH=Medium Hills,   BH=Big Hills  

Pace or ride level is described by a letter:  A is the faster paced ride; D the slowest paced ride.   Pace is the AVERAGE speed for the ride.  Actual speeds experienced during the ride will vary greatly from the average on A/B+ rides and little on B-/C rides.

A = 19+,    B+ = 16-18,     B = 14-16,     B- = 13-15,     C+ = 12-14,    C = 10-12,     D = <10

Rides posted for multiple ride levels will have different groups form during the ride who will be riding at these levels.

Expect rides to leave promptly at the times posted. Contact the Ride Leader if you have questions.

Mileage is the approximate mileage of the entire ride

Example: C:MH:35 = Moderately hilly; 12-14 mph average pace; approximately 35 miles

Further description:

Hilliness Examples:
FF / 0-2 % - Essentially flat
LH & SH/ 2-6 % - A Few Low Hills
MH / 6-8 % - Moderately Hilly
MH to BH / 6-12 % - Very Hilly
BH / 12+ % - Extremely Hilly

D / 8 -10 mph / Easy Pace, frequent stops, good for new riders
C / 10-12 mph / Steady Pace, fewer stops, for experienced riders
B / 14-16 mph / Steady faster pace, most century riders are this pace; at least one stop
A / 19+ mph / Fast pace, for strong experienced riders, maybe one stop

SS - Self Sustaining Training Ride (no sweeper, limited regrouping)
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