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ride Rules

Many of these rules are common sense; others follow the vehicle code in Arizona. They are created to insure the safety of cyclists and drivers. Please become familiar with the rules listed below as well as the hand and verbal signals generally used in cycling. If you have questions, check with the ride leader(s) for guidance. Also reference the Share the Road booklet provided by Pima County DOT; an excellent source for both motorists and cyclists.

We welcome E bikes on C and C+ rides - within the rules of the Tucson and Pima County codes for where these bikes are permitted.  Please reference the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page for information about where E bikes may be employed

Rules of the Road

  • Ride defensively; anticipate and signal problems, obstacles, and unsafe conditions.
  • Be aware of your own surroundings at all times ("situational awareness").
  • Be visible; wear bright clothing and use a taillight and headlight, when appropriate. Riders project a very slim profile to drivers up front and behind – visibility is critical to survival!
  • Ride in the designated bike lane or as far right as safely possible (watching for car doors, perpendicular parking, and other hazards).
  • Ride single file in traffic; two abreast is permitted when traffic allows (cyclists have the right to use the roadways, but not to impede other traffic).
  • Always maintain sufficient distance from other riders to ensure safe stopping in emergencies (wet/slick spot, sudden obstruction, etc.).
  • Be prepared for full stops at red lights and stop signs; obey vehicle traffic rules.
  • Keep both hands on handlebars at all times, unless you need to signal, drink water, or perform another essential task – and only do them if you can do so safely.
  • Signal your intentions audibly, and with hand signals if safe to do so (passing, slowing, turning, moving in/out of single file, etc.); it is critical that those around you know what you intend to do before you do it. Surprise no one!
  • Pass only on the left, unless conditions permit you no choice (and always call out when passing).
  • Respect other riders and motor vehicles by riding safely and demonstrating your awareness of them and concern for their safety as well.

General Rules

Ride Leaders plan routes, organize, assist, mentor and handle problems. If you have a concern, question, problem or see an unsafe condition or rider, talk to the Ride Leader. Ride Leaders reserve the right to cancel rides, change routes, suggest alternative rides, and, if warranted for safety or health reasons, preclude a rider from participation.

While we generally don't "drop" riders, faster riders occasionally drop us. We don't want to hold back faster riders on group rides but we ask that they let the ride leader know they intend to split off for a different ride before they do so (we like to be able to account for everyone at ride's end). Note that if a rider gets too far ahead without knowing the planned route and thus gets separated from the group, we say "off the front - on your own." On the other hand, we know that the up-and-coming new rider is eager to improve and ride with a faster and/or longer group. If you are a new rider, please take into account how your own ability and pace is going to impact the pace and number of re-groups experienced by the other riders. If you are unsure if a ride is right for you, please ask the ride leader for advice.

We ride year-round; however weather conditions may force the cancellation of rides (snow, ice, cold).  Individual Ride Leaders make the call.

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