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Rides and events listed below are open to anyone. Helmets are required.
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Please check Ride Information for an explanation of abbreviations.

All riders - please read the Guidelines for Group Rides and our Club Policies.

Report any incidents (any time whether or not on a club ride).
If involved in an incident or "near miss" with a vehicle, please fill out the survey for Safe Bicycling Data so these can become part of the data used to make our streets safer for bicycles and pedestrians. 

Rides may be cancelled shortly before the ride in case of inclement weather, so check the schedule before leaving for the ride. 

Upcoming events

    • Wed, November 14, 2018
    • 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
    • Village Bakehouse Parking Lot (Oracle at Magee)

    Ride Leader:  Keith Kumm (520) 730-7080


    Out to Savaya Coffee in the Shops at Tangerine & Dove Mtn Road. A fine complement to our other rides.

    Regrouping as necessary.  Link to route map with cue sheet - here. Always check the weather and we will shorten if need be.

    The twist: Instead of Dove Mtn Park rest stop, we ride to Savaya Coffee and break with a drink you choose. Outstanding espresso shots, so classically Euro-touring style. A nice rest stop that really appreciates our alighting flock! Bring $ to match your plan!

    Similar effort and time as Loop del Vistoso (~33 mi). Approximate details: Out to Dove Mtn Rd via La Canada to Tangerine to Thornydale to Moore Rd with a short loop through Tunnel at Far N Thornydale. Then Moore to Dove Mtn Rd and down to Savaya on your left. Speedsters have top of Dove Mtn Rd (~37 mi) option or even the roundabout, but we like arriving roughly in sync at Savaya. We return via the Tangerine Bike Lane to the Bike Path at Innovation and on to the Oro Valley Country Club gate.  From there we finish via either Desert Sky or Milagro Shuffle (thanks Charlie!), by popular vote, to Northern Ave and Magee. Just follow along! Intensive calorie recovery at the Bakehouse always on the table. Come join us!

    • Thu, November 15, 2018
    • 8:30 AM
    • Behind Starbucks at Swan and Sunrise

    New start time

    START TIME: 8 :30 a.m.

    Location: Behind Starbucks at Swan and Sunrise

    As we do every year when we return we start with some hills but not too steep. We need to work ourselves back into shape.  We gladly wait and regroup at the top of every hill. 

    COME ON ~ give it a try and do not worry about holding the group up. This ride is for anyone who wants to ride stronger.

    Coffee and socialize after.

    Ride leader: Howard and Shawna Strause

    • Sat, November 24, 2018
    • 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM
    • Zinburger on River at Campbell

    DATE CHANGE-sorry for any confusion!!!

    CCC Happy Hour ride!! Ride is about 2-2 1/2 hours with Happy Hour at Zinburger!

    Ride over at 3:30ish; happy hour is up to you!-- $5 hamburgers (many!!!) plus $3 sides and happy hour prices for beer/wine. We will make reservations.  Head count at ride start.

    What's new??? For CCC members, there will be door prizes!!! Bring friends who might be interested in becoming members and show them what  good time we have! 

    ALL Levels of rides with longest out to Dove Mountain and (extra credit) up and back to the Ritz  turnaround (NOT a door prize!) We need multiple helpers--leaders and sweepers

    Ride Leaders : Carol and Bill Koehler 512-964-1064

    and we need help for all levels!

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