We-Brake-for-Java NW; 34-41 MI MH; B+/B-/C+

  • Wed, August 21, 2019
  • 6:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Oracle at Magee, Village Bakehouse Parking Lot

Ride Leader: Bill Koehler 512-963-0693

Keith hopes to be back soon.. Enjoy some beautiful riding wx tomorrow!

Description: NW side. Out to Savaya Coffee in Shops at Tangerine & Dove Mtn Road. Regrouping. Link to route map. Multiple mileage options. Lately using Alternate Return - Moore Rd to Thornydale.

Not bad to think Monsoon. Wx definitely indefinite.

Full range-of-B ride plus C+ riders having companions to see them through, thus also ebikes, always respecting Club policies. Sometimes a C+ rider group shows with a sweeper and that's great, but cannot be assured.

Please be ready to ride at Start time. The rest of us thank you!

First time riders always welcome. If you've ridden with us once but haven't yet joined, please check our Non-Members (tab) policy. We have a cheap one month plan!

Check In Regroup at Savaya Coffee, breaking Euro-touring style. Great espresso, etc. A rest stop that appreciates us! Bring a card or a few $ to match your plan, or just sit a spell with us in the shade!

Details: Outbound to Dove Mtn Rd via La Canada to Tangerine to Thornydale to Moore Rd with a short loop through The Tunnel at Far N Thornydale. Then Moore to Dove Mtn and down to Savaya on your left. Higher milers have the top of Dove Mtn Rd (~ 39 mi) option or even the roundabout (~ 41 mi), but we all check in at Savaya. "Alternate" Return RETRACES Dove Mtn up to Moore, Moore to Thornydale, then down to Tangerine Bike Lane rejoining original route. Bike Lane east to Innovation then Bike Path on to Oro Valley Country Club gate.  Home via Desert Sky or Milagro by vote at the gate, for one more or less mile. Calorie recovery therapy at Bakehouse always on the table. Come join us!



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