Frequently Asked questions

The most frequent question we get is "Are you going to have a ride during this period?", and we have a standard answer - Yes, as far as we know.  The only thing that stops us from having rides every week is weather and - now - COVID precautions. Take a look at our calendar of past events. Click on the Previous year button if you want to see what we did last year.   

Because the start time varies with the season and is dependent upon the outside temperature, most of our events are only posted a few days in advance, so you probably won't see anything for the period you are asking about.  As the weather gets cooler and our winter resident members start to get back into town, even more rides per week will be scheduled. 

  • I'm going to be in Tucson on "some date." Will you be having rides then?
    • We ride year round, so the answer is yes. Our ride leaders normally post a ride a few days before the event.
  • Where are the rest of your rides?
    • As in the above answer, our ride leaders normally post their ride a few days before the event. 
  • What do those abbreviations in the schedule mean?
    • Explanation of the ride levels, etc. is here.
  • May one use an E-bike?
    • Yes - within the constraints of the Pima county AND  Tucson code on motorized bikes. Note that while Tucson allows e-bikes to be ridden in most areas, it does not allow motorized bikes on multi-use trails (i.e. the Loop), and sometimes one of our rides does go on a multi-use trail. In this case, check with the ride leader for alternate routes.
  • How do I update my profile or change my email address?
    • You need to be logged in.  Mouse over the logon icon and select View Profile.  Once in the profile, click Edit Profile.   Change the data you wish to update and click Save.   

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